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Brian DeRiggi's Penn 88

I acquired this Pennsylvania Penn 88 from my mother's cousin, Howard, who lives in North Park, Pa. He was the 2nd owner of the tractor. He purchased it from the original owner in the early 1970's. This Penn 88 was sold new at the Hespenheid Panzer dealer. Howard used the tractor until the early 1980's to cut his little North Park lawn. At that point in time the steering shaft broke, so he pushed the Penn 88 into his basement, where it sat till I acquired it in September 2006. I had inquired about the tractor after seeing it the last time we had visited 3 years ago. I was told he was giving me a Panzer & had researched the Panzer tractors. When I arrived at his house and saw the Penn 88, needless to say I was a little disappointed. (I was expecting a model T75 Panzer) I graciously accepted his gift and set about researching the history & any information I could find on the Penn 88. Up until Monday, October 22, 2006; when Bill Janitor emailed me, my search was coming up empty.

The Penn 88 is all original, except for the recovered original seat, fuel line with added fuel filter, and battery. Everything else is original. It runs, drives, and cuts perfectly. All in all it is in great original condition, very little rust (surface mainly), and just a few dings/dents. At the present moment, this Penn 88 is just going to be preserved in original condition, but a restoration might occur down the road.

Brian DeRiggi
Irwin, Pa


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