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Bill Janitor's Race Tractor

This 1965 T758es Pennsylvania Panzer was purchased near New York City in about 1997 or so. My dad and I drove from Michigan, through Pennsylvania to New York, then drove BACK across Pa. to Pittsburgh for the first day of deer season. Long trip just for a tractor!

It was Chevy engine orange and black at the time. The owner said that when he had purchased it, it was painted tan color and had swastikas on it (like a German Panzer tank). They had also used a grinder to remove the 'Pennsylvania' name off the grille. 'That had to go' was his thought. He said the orange and black were the only colors he had in his shed, so that's how it ended up that color.

In 1998, I decided to enter the USLMRA race in Belleville, Mi. After evaluating all of my tractors at the time by running them up and down the sidewalk, my neighbor and I decided this was the fastest of my tractors. That Friday evening, a reporter from the local paper came out and took a picture of me and the tractor for a story she was doing on the race.
(see a picture of it at

Immediately after the photographer left on Friday, I tore the tractor apart, completely restored and painted it, and made it 'race ready'. It was finished on Sunday evening! I raced it Tuesday night and WON the A-Stock class! Got a trophy and $70 cash, too. The following year, I raced it again and got second place and a trophy. (picture at

I now use this tractor to mow my grass. The only modification I did since the race was to replace the engine with a more powerful 10hp that I used to use on my pulling tractor. It's a remarkable mowing machine - does a spectacular job. It'll be my pirmary mower for years to come. The headlights don't work, but I thought they looked great and kept them. They kind of complete the 'look'.

Bill Janitor
Tipton, Mi.